I have carried out a number of long term projects including:

Women Partisans

Women Partisans of WWII is a series of formal portraits of women who were active in WWII as partisans, soldiers, aircrew, as well as women who are acknowledged as The Righteous Among Nations for helping save Jews during the Holocaust. Click here for more images.

John Martin Bradley

WWII Pilots

COMBAT PILOTS OF WWII features 32 pilots from ten countries in “then-and-now” portraits. I also interviewed them and will be producing a book on the project. It includes people like General Gunther Rall who was the highest scoring fighter pilot in history still alive at the time I photographed him

Travels with an African Husky

TRAVELS WITH AN AFRICAN HUSKY is a set of photographs accompanying a book I wrote by the same name. It documents travels with my children and our dogs following the loss of my wife from cancer when she was 38 years old and our children were very young. Click here to see more images.

John Martin Bradley

I Love Lagos

I LOVE LAGOS was a “street photography” style project that featured informal and often “fun” portraits of people in Lagos (Portugal). I also photographed things that interest me in terms of architecture and landscapes.

John Martin Bradley