digital marketer

I offer a one stop service to build or enhance your social media standing and your brand.

I make photographs, videos, write copy and advise on how best to use these to get seen and sell online.

I also keyword and metatag this material for use on your website and social media platforms. I have an up-to-date understanding of the deeper levels of Facebook / Instagram and YouTube. In particular, how to use these powerful tools to get exposure.

I build all my own websites using and can do this for you too. I can also teach you how to do it yourself.

I can set things up for you and then mentor you to do much of the ongoing marketing work yourself. Or I can do the whole lot for you.

My Marketing Background

I have an economics degree with an emphasis on psychology, consumer behaviour and marketing. I worked in strategy development and client liaison at two of the world’s biggest advertising agencies, JWT and Ogilvy. A decade ago I trained formally as a professional photographer. I have also written a well received book.


Please contact me directly if you would like to discuss a project.

Please speak to Julie Pollitt at The Old School France for a recent reference.

The Old School - John Martin Bradley

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