I am a commercially successful product designer and inventor with a track record of finding problems and developing and commercialising workable solutions to them.

In 2004 I successfully commercialised two inventive steps created and designed by me. A decade later one of the products was acknowledged by a universally renowned medical institution as the best in its field in a trial of products from all over the world. The associated brand has grown to become a “go-to” in the market sector.

In 2019 I headed a product design project for a Swedish company. The product is not in the public domain yet.

Most recently I completed work on the HEADPHONES FOR SLEEPING iteration of my DEEPSound range of hybrid headphones – earphones. DEEPsoundHeadphones.com 

My design company is called LBZ Design.

LBZ comes from the name my father gave to his Royal Air Force Mosquito night fighter, which he called La Bella Zanzara – The Beautiful Mosquito.  He saw combat in this aircraft and Beaufighters. 

The Mosquito was a design masterpiece, combining ingenious and pragmatic manufacturing processes with state-of-the-art technology.  Lethal, fast and beautiful. It was respected and feared by the Luftwaffe, so much so that pilots who shot one down were awarded two victories instead of one.  

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John Martin Bradley