I am an entrepreneur who designs commercially viable products and manages the process of taking them to market.

I am also a writer, professional photographer and videographer and do paid speaking engagements talking about the 40 WWII veterans I have photographed and people from my Great Women photographic project.

by John Martin Bradley.


I am English, but have lived in many countries.

I photograph war veterans when I get the opportunity and I am raising funds for my new photography project titled Great Women.


In summary: lots of travel, economics at university, large advertising agencies (strategy, branding and client liaison), built and sold two businesses …

After completing my economics degree I worked on the client liaison, strategy development and branding side of things in large advertising agencies. Then I worked for an environmental consultancy, learning how to design and implement large-scale risk assessments for oil companies before going off and doing this for my own company, which I later sold. I then invented a couple of things which became commercially successful and made it possible for me to look after my kids for ten years. During this time I also wrote a couple of books and trained as a professional photographer.

I spent my early life in Jersey in the Channel Islands and parts of Africa and Borneo. My five years in Kota Kinabalu, in the shadow of the great mountain, were spent snorkelling on coral reefs, sailing in the dinghy my dad built me and generally running amok. I had no formal education until I moved to Nelson in New Zealand at the age of 10.  At 14 my parents moved to Perth in Australia where I completed an economics degree and lived until I was 27. Two years travelling between Harare, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Toronto and Atlanta followed before spending 18 years in England, another six years in Cape Town and a few years in Portugal and France.

March 2019

Some of My Websites:

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John Martin Bradley

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